it's yer boi, the go to when it comes to graphics, art, etc. I've been making art for as long as i can remember, and now it's what i enjoy most. i even worked as a head graphic designer until covid-19 happened, and then i happened to find marlene and preston and fall into a community full of love and support and i've never been happier. all of this started because i just wanted to help where i could, and do what i know how to do best. and that's what i intend to continue doing. my goal isn't to profit from this, it's to help people avoid paying more than they can afford on something so trivial. if you need anything, feel free to contact me, i would love to help. 
a little bit more personal, though; i'm 20, about to be 21. my real name is shannon but i go by shan most of the time. i love art but i'm enlisting into the us navy as a nuclear engineer to start my future, and my ship date is 2/8/2021. 
if you care, i'm a virgo.
i'm addicted to pibb.
i hate pickles.
yes, i drew my tattoo, the original image is on the illustrations page.
last, but not least;

i just wanna do hood rat stuff with my friends.

thank you.